Dog Cuddles, The Daily, and the Existential Length of My Hair

1) You know you love your dog when the dog sitter offers to take him in a night early for free so you don’t have to wake up extra early to drop him off. I was like, “Nope. Must cuddle with Beau tonight.” In fairness, I have to go two nights without Beau cuddles this weekend and then ANOTHER two nights without ’em next weekend.
2) Evidently, it’ll be snowing in Seattle this weekend. Um. <Clears throat.>
3) I’m going to get 4K video of my three presentations. I just figure this is stuff I need to start recording and posting on my website. Why work so hard on presentations if I can’t share them with a digital audience?
4) Everyone in LA is getting sick. So long, suckers. Also chanting: please don’t get sick, please don’t get sick. Let me just make it through Seattle and San Francisco and then I give my body permission to break down if it needs to do so.
5) You know how I’ve been recommending episodes of The Daily (The NY Times podcast)? Well, today I listened to an episode from last year, which is not my favorite episode. They did a half-hour expose on how Donald Trump became wealthy. It’s brilliant, jaw-dropping journalism. I read an article about all this but the podcast episode blew my mind.
6) Hair has been such a metaphor throughout my life. On the day of my accident, I drove to Riverside to meet my new stylist. It was the first time he cut my hair. We had to take off a bunch of length on the top so that it would better blend with my just-growing sides and back. The cut was painful because I had to bid adieu to much of my hair-growth progress. The lesson: sometimes you have to lose something in order to move forward, to let new growth blend into your life in a more organic way. I get it. But I still can’t wait for my hair to be to my chin. And even in that wish there’s a lesson. I have a history of chopping off my locks because longer hair isn’t masculine, attractive, etc. But long hair is what FEELS right in my bones. Embracing hair growth is also about embracing what makes ME happy and loving myself before I get caught up in the fiction that somebody might not fall in love with me if my hair is longer than HE would like. Hair is deep shit, yo.