Who I’d Like to See Play Another Season of “Big Brother”

I’d love to see Big Brother do another back-to-basics season but use returning players—no more than two from any given season. Shake it up! Producers are under the illusion that America loves showmances. IMHO, showmances are played-out, predictable, and boring. We’re also long overdue for a season that features age diversity. The cool thing about returning players is that bringing people back results in an older, wiser cast, and older returnees know how to strategize and stick up for themselves. I hate contrived twists. Let the “twist” be a non-normative, interesting, and age-diverse cast. “Expect the unexpected” should come from an unpredictable, fun cast, not tired twists. I’d also love for them to bring back at least two LGBTQ contestants. In the THIRTY times CBS has brought back HGs to play an additional, regular season of Big Brother, production has only brought back one sexual minority.


Season 2: Nicole or Monica

Both women have big, entertaining personalities. I give Nicole the edge because she had such a fun-to-watch mean streak on her season.


Season 3: Amy

First, I want to see somebody like Amy play Big Brother in the era of Trump. Second, I’m certain that nearly 20 years has turned Amy into a more aggressive player and person. She was so sweet on Season 3. Something tells me that, today, Amy would play more like a Real Housewife from Trump Country than a bright-eyed southern girl. It would be great to see Amy and (S13) Shelly in the same house.


Season 4: Jun

Jun played a great game, is intelligent, and can give good diary room. I’m interested to see how 15 years of growth and maturity would affect her gameplay.



Season 5: Nakomis (or Marvin)

I realize Nakomis played All Stars but she’s not the typical houseguest you see on Big Brother. Plus, she’s the mastermind behind back-dooring. Nakomis is smart as fuck and the only HG who’s returned that I’m for playing a third season.


Season 6: Ivette

So many players from Season 6 ended up on All-Stars. I’d like to see somebody in the Friendship get a chance to redeem themselves. The Friendship is probably the most loathed alliance in BB history, so why not give one of them a chance at redemption. If I had to pick one player from that alliance, I’d go with Ivette.


Season 8: Eric Stein

Not counting people from my season, Stein is my favorite person from Big Brother. He’s a great guy who earnestly loves the game. Stein got dealt a bad hand on season 8 because he had to be America’s Player, a role production used to stack the deck in favor of he-who-must-not-be-named.


Season 9: James or Sheila

James and Sheila were both fighters—both in terms of gameplay and vocalizing their points of view. Season 9 gets a bad rap because the twist was painfully contrived, Sharon got screwed by that stupid hamster question, and the winner is likely the least-deserving champ in BB history. But Season 9 had plenty of juicy drama. Players like James and Sheila had a lot of heart and didn’t go as below-the-belt as some of the other BB9 cast members. Remember when Joshua told Amanda to hang herself after knowing her father committed suicide? Yikes.



Season 10: Renny

Renny’s one of my all-time favorites. That voice! Those clothes! Renny’s proof that you can play with a ton of integrity and still be one of the most interesting people your season. Renny and Shelly (S13) are two of the reasons I am such a fan of people over 40 playing the game. How in the world has she not been invited back? Oh, right, she’s not in her 20s nor part of a showmance.



Season 11: Ronnie

Seasons 10 and 11 are my favorite casts. You could bring back almost anyone from Season 11 and I’d be happy. Well, anyone other than Jeff, Jordan, and Jessie because they’re over-exposed. Did I love Ronnie as a person when he played? Not particularly but he was so entertaining to watch. Ronnie couldn’t get out of his own way and it made for some of Season 11’s finest moments. More than anyone else on this list, I want Ronnie to play another season. I’d also love to see Russell play again. But, again, most anyone from Season 11 would be aces.


Season 12: Almost Anyone but Brenchel, Britney, or Hayden

They’re fantastic TV but we’ve seen them play multiple times. Brenchel have each played two seasons of BB and two seasons of The Amazing Race. Additionally, Brenchel have been on multiple episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful and an episode of The Price is Right; and Rachel and Britney are on the upcoming season of The Amazing Race. Britney’s also been on an additional season of BB and an episode of The Price is Right. Oh, and Hayden became the first HG to play a season of Survivor.



Season 13: Shelly

I’d love to see Shelly play another season. Other than Dom, she was the only newbie on BB 13 playing the game. Plus, fans were brutal to her. A faction of them inundated her employer with phone calls, trying to get her fired for relatively mundane offenses.


Season 14: Danielle

I didn’t watch this season but I constantly heard that Danielle was crazy, not self-aware, and perfect for reality TV.



Season 15: Amanda

Amanda was amazing TV in a season so broken and a cast so terrible that I never watched again. I hated that she got a better edit than she deserved. Why was she narrating in-house racism when she was a significant part of the problem? That said, Amanda’s got a big, unflinching personality and doesn’t back down from a fight, which are necessary ingredients on Big Brother.


Seasons 16-20

I didn’t watch any of these seasons, so I wouldn’t be able to make a fair judgment.