The Academy’s Kevin Hart Problem

Kevin Hart’s homophobic history IS NOT A MORALLY AMBIGUOUS situation. Let’s get a few facts straight:
1) This is not about a few tweets from 10 years ago. Hart had anti-gay “jokes” in his live performances. This was a PATTERN of homophobia.
2) The so-called jokes weren’t jokes. He said he’d break a doll house over his son’s head if he thought he were gay. That’s not a joke. It’s a reality for gay kids all over the world. Imagine if a white cop-turned-comic “joked” about cops killing black people at traffic stops. Neither joke works because both sorts of violence happen daily. The same week the Academy announced Hart as host, prosecutors sought the death penalty in the case of Anthony Avalos, an 8-year-old Californian who was tortured to death by his mother and her boyfriend after he came out of the closet.
3) The evolution and “people change” arguments= equivocating bullshit. I’m all for people changing but that evolution shouldn’t involve hosting the Oscars, which is the world’s largest televised platform. If Brett Kavanaugh admitted to his assault and apologized, I’d applaud whatever personal growth he made but I still wouldn’t want him sitting on the Supreme Court. THIS ISN’T A COMPLEX MORAL SITUATION. You’ve got fucking issues if you defend Hart hosting the Oscars. Period.
4) All these past apologies never really happened. ( And that’s hardly the only article that points out the apologies are fiction.
5) Ellen Degeneres is hardly a barometer for gay social justice issues. Her advocation of Hart is irresponsible and disappointing.
6) Not being familiar with Hart’s homophobia history is no excuse to equivocate on his behalf. As a white person, I don’t HAVE TO educate myself about violent PoC endure every day. I don’t HAVE TO take a stand for social justice. I CHOSE TO because it’s the right thing to do.