Return of My Podcast

Many of my current friends don’t know this but FOURTEEN years ago I started a podcast called Fox and the City. I produced the show a few years before iTunes even carried podcasts. There were only a handful of queer podcasters. Within a week of its production, Air America had me come out to LA and do an on-air interview about the show and my poetry. The show was featured in a bunch of publications like Out and Genre and was nominated for a bunch of podcast awards. I even won the Phoenix New Times award for best local podcast. In the early days of Fox and the City, I produced five episodes a week. I was so excited to experiment with radio-like content. I had thousands of listeners within just a few months. The experience was a whirlwind. I forged an important personal and professional relationship with Madge Weinstein, who is truly the Grandmother of all queer podcasts. She played my content on her Sirius show and we formed a collaborative podcast called Eat This Hot Show with Wanda Wisdom and the guys from Feast of Fools (now Feast of Fun). By the time I moved to Los Angeles, I’d go to bars and overhear people say, “That’s Ragan from Fox and the City.” For a gay kid from Texas, those moments tasted like celebrity. A few years after moving to LA, the day-to-day demands of a tenure-track job squelched my creativity. I didn’t have time for podcasting. Over the 8-or-so years, I came back for a 30-run stint but then podfade again. Now that I’m at the highest professional rank I can earn, I’m going to make a REAL effort to reboot. Why not, right? 2018 seems to be the age of the reboot. May aim is to produce 3 episodes a week: 1 episode will be a stream-of-conscious car cast; 1 will be regular, slickly produced show (a la old-school Fox and the City); and 1 will be a flashback episode where we hope in the DeLorean and revisit the early days of Fox and the City. Episode 3B is the first flashback episode, the VERY FIRST episode of Fox and the City, which was produced and posted FOURTEEN years ago. Whew. Time flies.

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