The Art of Making a Bed

I had a modest resolution for 2016: Make my bed every weekday. I was doing it consistently until I severely damaged my tailbone a month ago. But now that my butt is starting to feel better, I’m back on my bed-making game! I thought it would be cool to share some bed-perfecting tips I’ve found. (I’ll likely add to this post as I learn new tricks.)

Tip 1: The perfectly sized pillowcase.

I have OCD. Actual, diagnosed OCD. Maybe it’s just my illness but I hate how pillowcases are often too big for pillows. Turns out, the excess casing is meant to be folded in, like the end of a Christmas present. I learned this trick watching a video featuring a Four Seasons housekeeper.

I didn’t like all her bed-making tips. But the pillowcase suggestion is a keeper. My pillows went from looking like this:


…to looking like this:


Tip 2: The Easy Way to Apply a Duvet Cover

Putting on a duvet cover used to make me break out in a cold sweat. I’d spend at least 30 minutes wrestling with it. I can’t count the number of times I crawled INSIDE the duvet cover, trying desperately to make the outer corners of the cover match the outer corners of the comforter. Although the Four Seasons lady provides sage advice for pillows, I totally disagree with the method she uses for putting on a duvet cover. The advice provided in this video made the process so much easier. The roll method has two distinct advantages: 1) I can get a cover on a comforter in roughly 3 minutes; and 2) The cover always perfectly matches the comforter.


Tip 3: Folding a Fitted Sheet

I’m at the stage in my life when I press sheets and pillowcases after a wash. My OCD used to flare when a perfectly folded blanket or top sheet sat next to a lumpy fitted sheet. Watch this video and learn the trick to folding fitted sheets.


Tip 4: Finding affordable, quality bed linens.

I was the baby of my family. This meant I always got hand-me-downs. My closet was filled with old, tattered sheets and towels. When I turned 30, I decided that I was too old to use towels with holes in them, so I purchased the nicest, softest cloths my money could buy. As I approached 40, I decided it was time to invest in soft, beautiful sheets. I was tired of sleeping on rough, pill-ridden bedding from Ikea and Target. I went to a few department stores prepared to purchase expensive, luxe sheets. I was let down when I discovered that name-brand sheets sold at most stores were much pricier but just as uncomfortable as the material one might find at Target. The problem is that designers sell their labels to cheap manufacturers, so you never really know what you’re getting.

Turns out, start-up companies have started selling AFFORDABLE luxury sheets. My favorite of the bunch is Brooklinen. Brooklinen accomplishes this task by cutting out wholesalers, name licensing (e.g., companies that CLAIM their sheets are made by, say, Ralph Lauren), and distributors. If they went through conventional channels, their sheets would cost $300 at Bloomingdales; but because they eliminate all the middlemen, they can sell the same set for a mere $100. My entire bed is decked out in Brooklinen’s dreamy bedding. If you’re in the market for new sheets, use my referral code and get $15 off your first purchase. This is seriously the best bedding I’ve ever owned.