Adult Braces: Closing an Open Bite

I had braces in my pre-adolecense but sucked my thumb until I was 30. The result was a fairly significant open bite. Soon after I turned 37, I decided to give braces another go. It’s been nearly a year since I’ve had my braces and thought it would be nice to visually track my results. My treatment includes regular braces and elastics. My orthodontist anticipates that I’ll have them on for another month or so.  Each photo includes a picture of my teeth immediately before braces (top) and how treatment helped correct my bite (bottom). In each image, my back teeth are clenched. photo 2_1 Above: Not exactly how far into treatment I was in this photo. I was pre-elastics, which means it had to be sometime in the first 4-5 months. photo 4 Slight difference after a month or so of elastics. Excuse the nasty tartar buildup. That can happen during orthodontic treatment. photo 2 This is after roughly 2 months of elastics. Other than eating and brushing my teeth, I ALWAYS wore my rubber bands. This when when I could really see significant movement. photo 1 Three or so months into elastics. For the first time in my life, I can rub my front top teeth against my front bottom teeth. photo 3_1 4 or so months into elastics. My bite is basically closed. The elastics have created a gap between my bottom two front teeth. The left side of my bite is closing faster than the right side. Almost there. 10348646_10152283419327093_3235738060652304523_n Six months into elastics. I get my braces removed in a week. Pretty amazing.

And finally, the end result: