Raising Cain


Herman Cain is a homophobe and hypocrite.  Anyone who can’t keep consistent logic within a SINGLE SENTENCE isn’t qualified to be PotUS.  Period.  Here are two examples that illustrate my point.

#1 Last week, during a political debate, a gay US soldier asked the GoP hopefuls about their stance on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, which incited boos from the primarily right-leaning audience.  Yes, a raucous group of Republican constituents actually BOOED a US soldier because he had the audacity to ask about a policy that directly affects the way he lives each and every day of his life.  NONE of the GoP candidates came to the soldier’s defense.  NOT ONE.  The following week, Cain suggested that he regretted not intervening.   He then DEFENDED the mob, arguing that,  ”I happen to think that maybe they were booing the whole ‘don’t ask, don’t tell‘ repeal more so than booing that soldier.” (FTR, that’s a DIRECT quote.)

Here’s the deal, Mr. Cain.  Booing the repeal of DADT IS booing the soldier, it’s booing the sacrifice he’s made for our country, it’s booing his RIGHT to ask about a policy that has substantial implications for how he lives, it’s booing the fact that he RISKED HIS LIFE FOR THAT RIGHT TO ASK (and for the right of that audience to boo).

#2 Cain was cackling with the hens on today’s episode of The View.  To see Cain on The View, click here –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXTBDDhDN1g&feature=relmfu

Skip to 2:17 to get to his putrid doublespeak on the subject of gay rights.  I LOVE it when anti-evolution, global-warming-is-a-myth politicians want to see SCIENTIFIC FACTS that prove being gay ISN’T a choice.  Because I’m SURE a lack of scientific evidence is at the root of Cain’s hatred and fear of gay people.  As the saying goes, Herman, homosexuality is prevalent in thousands of creatures, but homophobia only emerges in ONE.  Which is “natural” now?

Earlier in the segment, Cain rationalized why he’s running for president despite the fact that he hasn’t held a SINGLE DAY in public office by claiming that crowds tend to cheer when they hear he’s not a politician because they don’t want politics as usual.  Then put your money where your mouth is and stop talking like a politician.  Stop POORLY rationalizing your fear and disgust of gay people and say what you REALLY think, namely that you simply don’t like gays and lesbians.  Your doublespeak is nausea-inducing.   Just like you shouldn’t selectively decide which parts of the Bible should be followed letter of the law (e.g., man lying with man) and which are mere parable (e.g., no eating shellfish), you can’t pick and choose your moments to kowtow to science.